Electrical wire and cable refractory a characteristic test 'Device)Machine - hit the promise 15917704192

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This testing machine accords with GB12666.6 and IEC60331,Suitable for examining the refractory characteristics of the mineral insulated cable and electrical wire and cable with refractory layer. First, combustion chamber: 1, Size: Width x deep x is high: 1500x550x1400mm 2, material: USU304 # corrosion resistant plate two, burner: Blowtorch two times three, fire source of tape type in order to bring Venturi a mixer unit: 1, Fuel: The coal gas 2, coal gas flow indicator: 2~20L/min 3, air flow meter: 10~100L/min 4, flame temperature: 750~800 ¡æ four, sample holding device: Made up of support, ferrule and clamp, separate by and support five, temperature measurement device in the middle part of the sample for the ferrule of 300mm by two: 1, Digital display one thermometer2, Model K temperature sensor six, timer: 0~99.99min can presume seven, support arbitrarily: 1, Test the voltage transformer: Three 2, Output voltage: 250V 3, output current: 3A 4, output power: 1100W

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