River electricity of relay protection tester of the computer / money of Hebei

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Intelligent host computer, the host computer adopts DSP chip to control, 16 DACs export, it is sinusoidal wave that can produce the high density of 2000 o'clock every week to the base wave. Have improved the quality of wave form greatly, has improved the precision of the tester.
The unit runs independently, the device is operated through the large screen LCD by the rotatory mouse, complete Chinese reveals, can be to various on-the-spot relays, protection and security automatics are assayed, and can imitate various large-scale and complicated instantaneity, the permanence, the transitivity trouble exactly organizes the test.
Link the computer and run, through the complete Chinese function software on Windows platform, can carry on various calibration work with higher large-scale complicated and automatic intensity, can test and scan various protection definite value conveniently, can store and test the data in real time, reveal, lose scalogram, draw the intersection of trouble and wave form, on-line to print report,etc..

Technical parameter:
1,Electric current source:
Exchange the amplitude: 0-40A / looks, 0-120A / three phases connects in parallel
Direct-flow amplitude: 0-30A / looks, 0-90A / three phases connects in parallel
Power: 400VA / looks
Precision: 0.2%, response time<160µs
Resolution ratio: Exchange 1mA, direct-flow 2mA
2,Voltage source:
Exchange the amplitude: 0-125V / looks thread voltage 0-250V
Direct-flow amplitude: 0-110V / looks
Auxiliary power UZ: 3U0 0-150VAC or 0-220VDC
Maximum power: 50VA / looks precision: 0.2%
Response time:<120µs
Resolution ratio: Exchange 2.5mV, direct-flow 3.5mV
3,Frequency: Range 0-1000Hz, resolution ratio: 0.001Hz (worker frequently) 0.1Hz ( 1KHz)
4,Phase place: The range is 0-360 degrees, resolution ratio: 0.1 degrees, precision: 0.1 degrees
5,The switch amount is imported: 7 turn to empty joint or electric potential ' 5-250VDC)
6,The switch amount is exported: 3 pairs, 0.5A/250VAC
7,The voltage of power supply: 120V-250VAC 50/60Hz
8,The case size of the machine: 450* 150* 370mm
9,Weight: 11.6Kg

The money of Hebei river electric utensil Co., Ltd. relies on advanced innovative idea and spirit to rely on the leading technical information of international power industry of China and is devoted to electricity and electric communication It is tested that the instrument and apparatus test the voltage transformer of the apparatus tests the apparatus mutual inductor test assays the relay protection of the apparatus to test earthing the apparatus measures the facility switching under high pressure, arrester and other test apparatuses The cable tests the apparatus The communication runs the apparatus communication tests the reseach of the instrument Development Production The money of Hebei river electric utensil Co., Ltd. depends on technological innovation and energy-conserving emission reduction new technology Promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

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