The stainless steel muffle furnace of Huaneng Group of Hebi, the analytical instrument of nature of coal, the nature of coal tests the apparatus, the nature of coal tests the apparatus,

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Electron scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Huaneng Group of Hebi, it is one that specializes in the instrument of nature of coal and laboratory apparatus to develop, develop, produce, sell in the integrative new and high technology share-issuing enterprise. The nature of coal is analyzed the products mainly include: Calorimeter ( Calorimeter) Series, examine the sulphur appearance (fix the sulphur appearance) Series, moisture measure apparatus series, bind the measure apparatus series of the index, the measure apparatus series of gelatinous layer, examine hydrogen appearance series, industrial analysis meter series, Kazakhstan can rub the measure apparatus series, gray melting point measure apparatus series, transfer to the Drum machine series, the crusher series, make prototype machine series,etc.. The products are used in the laboratories, laboratories of departments such as coal, electricity, chemical industry, metallurgy, geology, petroleum, universities and colleges and scientific research technical supervision,etc. extensively. Freephone call: 400- 6591939HNXL-2 (stainless steel) Box High Temperature Furnaces Heating Apparatus (muffle furnace) The characteristic characteristic, these High Temperature Furnaces Heating Apparatus, is designed and produces according to the national standard GB/T212 requirement, this furnace body chooses the thermal insulation brick of light weight and makes heat insulating material, the intensity is high, it is of good performance to keep warm, it is fast to intensify, contain the controlled chimney after the stove, especially suitable for the chemical analysis of the coal, coking products, industrial chemicals. Inside idimensions (mm) : 325* 200* 125 warm 1000 ¡æwork of the blast furnace the most Rate: 4kW mains voltage: AC220V¡À 10% 50Hz telephone number: 0392- 33661563366155 Freephone call: 400- 6591939 faxes: 0392- 3355909Postbox: websites:

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