Move the liquid device in NanjingThe single-channel variable type moves the liquid device manually025-85437544

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Philippine strange industry and trade Co., Ltd. 1 in Nanjing. The rotopiston button chooses to divide liquid amount easily. 2. The whole gun, in colour collocation, the offwhite, blue are alternate, accord with color aesthetics to design. 3. Whom man-machine ergonomics design point palm, it is convenient for the whole hand to control easily, can reduce fatigue of hand. 4. The digital Windows, make presume the quantum is very clear. 5. Quantum in extensive range ' 0.1-5000ul) . 6. Use the attachment tool, can normalize conveniently and swiftly and maintenance. 7. Swift and light nozzle pushover bar. 8. The replacing nozzle connects with one and filters core, but pollution prevention and nozzle are damaged. 9. The removable nozzle is connected with one, have high-performance chemical preservation, and the all right high temperature is sterilized under high pressure. 10. It has the following innovative characteristics too that the manual multiple track variable type moves the liquid device: 1) Nozzle pushover bar can put out 8/12 suck, chew, save effort high-efficiently at the same time. 2) Of different quantums 8/12 liquid moving devices are suitable for the aperture plate of the standard 96. 3) Liquid head can 360 deg is rotated, in order to move the liquid. 4) Each nozzle have independent the intersection of piston and device by even one, make, maintain very much easy. 5) The special nozzle is connected with one and designed, it is apt to observe and suck the sealed state chewed. 11. Fast-selling type of international market at present. 12. The products are complete in specifications ' 16 kinds) .

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