The test pump of the rubber tube, the test pump of the piecing, electronic test pump

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Industrial Co., Ltd. of the letter source in Hebei (the factory of test pump of Raoyang of Hebei) Specialize in test pump enterprises, the company occupies the leading status in the Chinese same trade. The staples is as follows, electronic test pump, manual test pump, pressure automatic control test pump, pressure remote control test pump, the automatic control test pump of high flux, the recording meter automatic control test pump of digital display, miniature electronic test pump, miniature manual test pump,etc., the test pump products of manufacturing of our company, for all kinds of pressure vessel, pipeline, valve, boiler, steel cylinder, fire-fighting equipment to function as and get the liquid ideal apparatus of high pressure in water test and laboratory.

4D-SY200/3Mpa serial electronic test pumps, it is four rams, reciprocate the portable test pump, specialize in the container, the apparatus of the pipeline, boiler system, valve and other machinery, the products part of the instrument, make water pressure or oil pressure leakage test, strength test, this pump is suitable for various test chambers, construction sites of industrial and mining.

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