Coal heat detecting instrument

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Department instrument and apparatus Co., Ltd. specializes in the coal and tests the apparatus on the day of Hebi, the coal examines the instrument, analytical instrument of nature of coal, the nature of coal tests the apparatus, checkout equipment of nature of coal, coal analytical instrument, coal element measure apparatus, element analysis instrument of nature of coal, the coal laboratory has calorimeters to test apparatus serial products in a complete set, examine the sulphur appearance, automatic moisture measure apparatus, hydrocarbon element measure apparatus appearance, measure apparatus of ash content, volatilize a measure apparatus, muffle furnace, gray melting point measure apparatus of the warm controller of hour of the microcomputer, one layer of measure apparatuses of colloid, bind the index measure apparatus, the coal coking tests the apparatus, electric drum and air-dries the dry case, makes to the nurses of one kind of pulverizers, breaker series, Micoud and can transfer the rubing index measure apparatus to the drum, Kazakhstan, shake the sifting machine, two Quality stems from the speciality, sincerity casts the day department.

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