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1.Cable trailer: Mainly try out the transportation of cable thread one of the electric telecommunication construction project and accept and put, the main specification has 3T, 5T, 8T, 10T (special specification can be made to order) ,Working technique; Wave hoist, make trailing in, load and unload position for minimum limit manually, penetrate line dish (our factory is by disposing the axle thick stick) the intersection of axle and thick stick And then, the location of card after taking the rearmounted insurance of the cable trailer out to advance the axle thick stick. Put down the insurance ' Drill rod) And then left and right sides all one people wave steady the intersection of machine and handle After making the line one rise, are move the steady machine and have automatic brake that can protect the construction safety. Check the method: In order to check behind the front of cable trailer has a junction that can connect and put the car, tractor directly.Can be suitable for 1;2300* 1700* 1200 2;3600* 2500* 1500 3;4560* 2708* 1857

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