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Zhuji city space big Rocco Industrial Co., Ltd. ' Hit Yuan's metalwork factory originally) Each specialize in, process, pneumatically, hydraulic enterprises professional of component. It is located in beautiful and richly endowed Zhuji of Zhejiang Province, the geographic location is superior, the traffic is very convenient. Enterprise's technical force is rich, incorporate designing, developing, developing, producing and processing into an organic whole. The craft is advanced, self-contained, it is complete to measure. Enterprises insist " quality standard and enterprise coexist, the markets and honors are heavy " Management theory,well received by the masses of customers.
Our company is good at the machine work of the copper material, has combined OEM factory as Japan and Taiwan for many years, the products find a good sale in relevant enterprises such as Japan, Taiwan,etc., win the favorable comment from Japan, Taiwan and Chinese customer deeply.
Until " whether reasonable price, service of absolute sincerity, accurate to pay one " company Aim,serve the masses of old and new customers! We hearty to welcome travelling trader come factory order, come kind come on, pursue, process outside the China, and await everybody to patronize at any time, beautiful tomorrow with creating.

The steel pair of FERRULE-TYPEs pipe joint that this department produces is connected firm. Pressure tight ability is high. It is of good performance to seal, it is convenient to install and overhaul. Characteristic such as being safe and reliable of the work. Nominal pressure: 1.0Mpa- 32Mpa Applicable temperature: Less than or equal to 150 бц Applicable medium: Oil. Water. Non- corrosivity such as being angry or having corrosivity mediums. The products select materials: All forge the structure of the valve body. Manufactured materials: Brass, SUS304. SUS316, PTFE. Piping: Steel tube of бщ 3 - бщ 30. Nylon tube. Copper pipe.

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