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Supply with one dose of guest's networks, gabion network staples: GABION, doses of guest, doses of the intersection of guest and network, doses of the intersection of guest and cage, gabion, the intersection of gabion and network, wire gauze, the intersection of hexagon and network, retaining pad, guard-rail, fence, screen print For over 100 years, pair twist the intersection of hexagon and network, succeed in, employ in the fields of water and soil project worldwide already. Hexagon that network makes gabion and bank protection revetment ' One dose of guest's networks gabions) Have already facilitated valid solution, employing extensively and designs of different flexible fail-safe structures very much as a kind of science, while constructing and safeguarding. Structural features: It is sewn that the stable flexibility on water permeability is so favorable and hillside and seashore is so structureless, the overall structure has ductility that is able to bear corroding and adopting the treatment technology of Hi-Tech surface, enable it to resist any erosion to resist and erode and is used the rivers, there is difficult continuity with the substitution of other materials in the bank protection revetment project globality in the coast, it has no chink that the large-area is assembled. Use: Control and lead river and flood river most severe calamity waterflow erode the bank enable their destroy, the flood that initiates overflows, causes the lives and properties to suffer a large number of losses and a large amount of soil erosion. So while dealing with the above-mentioned problem, a dose of guest's structure (gabion and retaining pad) Application last one of solution,can make river bed bank not lasted protections permanent it. The construction of canal riverbed channel of the channel, involve the stability of side slope and river bed. So choose one dose of guest's stone cushions

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