Electromagnetic valve of fire control

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Application area

Petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, spaceflight, military products, electricity, steel, fire control is sprayed, coating of electric plating, fuel of gas burning, environmental protection equipment, blowing gray dusting, analytical instrument, textile printing and dyeing, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, washing equipment, garden sprinkling irrigation, food industry dispatch control system.

Technical parameter

Nominal sizeDN10-50

Principle structureThe guide is diaphragm-type

Valve body materialBrass, SS316

Sealed material NBR, FKM, EPDM

Ambient temperature - 10 ¡æ- +60 ¡æ(explosion proof type -20 ¡æ- +50 ¡æ)

The fluid temperature group C2: -10 ¡æ- 80 ¡æ, group C3: -10 ¡æ- 120 ¡æ

Applicable fluidGas, liquid

Degree of viscosity of fluidLess than or equal to 22mm2/S

Connection modeFemale screw thread ( National standard or NPT) , flange

Installation way is installed horizontally, the coil is up (other ways are customizable)

Protect the grade IP65

Electric parameter

Mains voltage220V 110VAC50/60Hz 24V 12VDC

The general type AC of the power rating: 22VA, DC: 13W

Normal open type AC: 33VA, DC: 32W

Explosion proof type AC: 18VA, DC: 20W

Voltage public errand ¡À 10%

Electrically connected general type: Standard terminal box

Explosion proof type: M14 * 1.5, 1.5M wire

*The above, for the power while working steadily after start, the normally-open normally-close power of the explosion proof type is the same.

The function selects


Function name

Functional specification


Chang Kai

The open electrovalve is closed, it is open to break the electrovalve



Unexplosive grade: Exm / ¢ò T4


German coil

German brand coil of the apolegamy


Take the timer

It can set for and is open, close spacing interval

*The number of the certification of conformity of an instrument for explosive atmosphere: GYB071065X, the explosion proof type no energy band timer.

The conformity certification number of monitoring center of country's fire control: 2006- 0899

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