Meng's numerical control boiler

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The products classification: Boiler of environmental protection and energy saving

Can replace the oil costing an arm and a leg with low priced coal, angry, obtain efficient heat energy and stable characteristic in environment protecting mode.

Environmental protection: Adopt the closing type principle, turn black smoke and smog that the coal produce in the course of burning into flammable gas combustion under high-temperature function. The products have already been measured through the national department in environment protecting mode, every performance index in environment protecting mode reaches and is superior to the national standard " GB13271- 2001 boiler air pollutant emission standard " and local standard of Beijing<>.

Energy-conservation: 1, In several fire tubes of pure flame penetration, expand fire and aqueous contact area, reduce the temperature of exhaust fume, fully utilize heat energy.

2,Microcomputer-controlled, after reaching the setting temperature, seal the fire and reduce burning velocity automatically, economy of fuel.

Safe: Multiple automatic protection function, not when short water of the boiler or producing, the backwater is not smooth while using, seal the fire automatically, guarantee the safe handling of the boiler.

It is convenient: The product design is compact, light, installing, convenient transportation. At one time add the coal, the automatic controlled burning of the microcomputer, labour saving saves time.

Use: Enterprises, the army, organ, housing district,etc. heat, bath, live and use with boiled water and heat energy apparatus,etc..

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