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RS6901 series pen type red light source can find out that break some, bending, connector trouble type to rupture; The trouble is looked for in OTDR blind area; The end is discerned to the end optic fibre; Use common and rightly and match the head, does not need to change rightly and match the head. Small and exquisite and light, export the visible red laser of human eye, but enter the characteristic of single mould and many mould optic fibre high-efficiently. It is you that need to test that jump the line with various types of optic fibre, banding, end of one bunch of forms is fine, ideal tool of and the construction site or optic fibre line maintenance. : The telecommunication project of scope of application and safeguarding, CATV project and safeguarding, the comprehensive wiring system, other optic fibre projects, the mere device is produced and studied. : The function characteristic is small and exquisite and light, solid and durable, export the visible red laser of human eye, light can enter single mould and many mould optic fibres high-efficiently. Visual optic fibre trouble appearance type RS6901A, modulate CW within RS6901B light source LD wavelength 650¡À 20nm output power 3mW/5mW applicable only fine SM/MM, 1Hz optic fibre discerns the distance ( RS6901A) 15km, ( RS6901B) 10km uses temperature - 10 ¡æ- 50 ¡æ to store temperature - 40 ¡æ- 70 ¡æ humidity and 0- 95% of the continuous working time and is greater than or equal to the interface FC of 40 hours, ST,etc. (omnipotent interface) Size all copper to prevent from, bump into outer cover, design the attachment carry and protect the belt in outer cover in 218g in weight in 25* 180mm, service manual

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