HD4 circuit breaker special price sold

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Specification technical parameter serial number unit price of the type ( RMB)
HD4/z 40.12.25P=280 H=328HD4/z-40. 12.25132,737
HD4/z 40.12.31P=280 H=328HD4/z-40. 12.31136,719
HD4/z 40.16.25P=280 H=328HD4/z-40. 16.25140,820
HD4/z 40.16.31P=280 H=328HD4/z-40. 16.31145,044
HD4/z 40.20.25P=280 H=328HD4/z-40. 20.25171,392
HD4/z 40.20.31P=280 H=328HD4/z-40. 20.31176,533
HD4/z 40.25.25P=280 H=328HD4/z-40. 25.25181,830
HD4/z 40.25.31P=280 H=328HD4/z-40. 25.31187,285
The remarks:
1,HD4 six fluoride the intersection of sulphur and circuit breaker since be able to draw the intersection of technology and ripe high pressure that use extensively already the intersection of formula and six fluoride the intersection of sulphur and advantage of circuit breaker the intersection of ABB and group ' Thermal expansion + press
Angry to help blowing) ,It is crystallization that ABB group shares experience technology. Have superior making and giving up performance, make and give up the characteristic smoothly, overvoltage is extremely low. Inflatable
The column is totally sealed to kill the arc room very much, it is non-maintaining to use during this period.
2,HD4 six fluoride sulphur circuit breaker can be used three phases and exchanged and controlled and protected the circuit, voltage transformer, electrical machinery, cable and condenser bank in 40.5kv distribution system
When. Because of adopt 6 fluorizating sulphur, since be able to turn on and give up technology, HD4 circuit breaker will not be produced and operated the voltage, especially suitable for the electric wire netting to dilate, change
Insulating and very weak occasions such as electrical machinery, cable,etc. while making.
3,HD4 six fluoride sulphur circuit breaker and VD4 vacuum circuit breaker totally exchange on the size.
4,Handcart type HD4, the operating organization of electronic energy storage includes the following standard attachment:
The switch assists 12 joints(Q/1 Q/12, 4 among them are often opened, 5 often close the joint and suitable for connecting using) ,State position switch of energy storage (BS1,
BS2) ,The handcart assists BT1 and BT2 at the beginning in the position, divides the floodgate to take off the deducting device MC, MO jointly, the electrical machinery MS of energy storage, locks the electro-magnet RL1, two grades are moved
The pressure on-off control return circuit (SF6 gas which is made competence is low in pressure - call the police and SF6 gas is insufficient in pressure - lock) ;
Machinery type energy storage state indicator, machinery divides the floodgate button jointly, the machinery type divides the state indicator of the floodgate jointly, operate the counter, return circuit aviation plug two times,
The ones that prevented different type handcarts and exchanged locked the device;
The handcart advances the organization, the handcart earthing device, the valve drives the organization, the return circuit of once touches arm and plum blossom and touches the head.

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