Offer Japanese Hitachi DAC55 hot-work die steel

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DAC55, according to lengthening the mould life-span, improves heat treatment and hot crackle, very high mould material of toughness of the medium-and-large-sized mould. Specialty: The state-of-the-art heat-resisting crackle can use the fine fine quenching the bad temper use of high-temperature strength which is able to bear the crackle with fine ductility under the high hardness of 50-53HRC: The microdiecast mould generally press-casts the medium-and-large-sized mould and pushes out of and press-casts the standard heat treatment of the mould: Quench fire 1010-1030 ¡æchill Sale hot-line of 45-53 ¡æ of 550-640 ¡æ hardness; 021-57621855 Fax 021-57628989Manager Huang

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