KX102 electrical machinery computer protective device

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Main function characteristic:
1,Protect the function: Overload protection, phase-failure protection, three-phase uneven protection, rotoplug is protected, owe voltage protection, excess voltage protection, earth leakage protection, earth fault protection, light load protection, idler protection, short circuit protection.
2,Control function: Across the line starting, positive and negative start, star control triangular start, start of direct bypass, auto-voltage voltage transformer reduced voltage starting, many kinds of start.
3,Show and monitor: Running status, three-phase current, line voltage, leakage current, failure message, electric motor work add up to information, electricity consumption such as the time, number of times of trouble to count.
4,Presume the function: Rated current, curve of protection current, starting time, three phases are uneven, rotoplug multiple, current value of drain, exceeding and owing the magnitude of voltage, mailing address, protector power up electrical machinery since starting time.
5,Remote transmitting function: DC4-20mA standard analog quantity is exported, do not need the external power source.
6,Communication function: Can form 256 protectors and protect the control network conventionally through RS485 serial communication and computer. The long-range data presumes and display alarm, the long-range electric motor is started, stop controlling etc..
7,Recollect the function: Ten failuer causes why the memorable recent electrical machinery happens, and can press the reset key and take out the trouble that the last electrical machinery takes place, and then according to the first once of primary display
Main technical parameter:
1,Protect against the time limit: This protective device has excessive load to delay time and protect the function against the time limit.
2,Light load is protected: When the current value is less than light load to protect set point, the protective device acts within 30 seconds.
3,Overcurrent protection: The protection current can presume arbitrarily, when the current value is greater than set point, according to the characteristic curves movements of movements.
4,Phase-failure protection: When electric motor power interrupts ' Three-phase current potential value set 60% as produce, can presume according to user's request) ,The protective device acts within 3 seconds.
5,Rotoplug is protected: When the running current of the electric motor is greater than presuming time, the protective device acts within 2 seconds.
6,Owe voltage protection: When examining the phase voltage and less than presuming that protects the magnitude of voltage, the protective device acts within 5 seconds.
7,Excess voltage protection: When examining the phase voltage and higher than presuming that protects the magnitude of voltage, the protective device acts within 5 seconds.
8,Drain ( Earth) Protect: The protective device acts within 3 seconds, presume range 500mA- 5000mA when the leakage current is greater than set point.
9,Short circuit protection: When an arbitrary a phase current reaches 8Ie electric current, the protective device acts within 2 seconds.
10,Start the time of time delay: Adjustable in 1-120 seconds.
11,Star triangular change-over time: Star triangular change-over time is less than starting the time of time delay for 3 seconds.
12,Overall Power Consumption: Less than or equal to 3VA.
13,Output the electrical relay stylus capacity: 25OVAC 7A .
14,The display error of the electric current: Less than or equal to 1.5%.
15,Release time: Less than or equal to 2 seconds.
16,Electrical durability is greater than 10 times, start time delay functions: Avoid starting the heavy current separated from pick-up time of excess current.
17,Have a record of interface of RS485 long-range communication interface or U. There are long-range datas that are presumed, controlled, inquired etc.. And the upper computer makes up the monitor system of network protection.

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