High-pressure hydraulic pump manually

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Main use:

Check the pressure ' Difference is pressed) Changer

Check-up pressure switch

Check-up accurate manometer, ordinary manometer

Produce characteristic Lu:

u Purchase the new project organization, easy to operate, stepping up saves effort, it is convenient to wash

u It is fast to step up, can step up to above 60MPa in 5 seconds

u Steady voltage is fast, can reach 0.05% of the F.S degree of stability in 30 seconds

Technical indicator:

u Make and press the range: (0 - 250) MPa

u Job medium: Voltage transformer oil

u Export the interface: M20 * 1.5 (three)

u External dimension: 530mm* 430mm* 200mm

u Weight: 19Kg

Order information:

SER 2002(0 - 72)MPa

SER2002A(0 - 100) MPa

SER2002B(0 - 250) MPa

SER8001 various specifications are connected Purchase

SER8002 high-pressure hose Purchase

SER8003 profit isolator Purchase

Change and connect in the SER8005 area four Purchase

Random attachment:

Certificate of quality One

Manual A part

Sealed circle 20

Case the list A part

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