Walkie electrical machinery protector test

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First, sum up:
In operation and maintenance work of the electric system, check the provision of the regulations to protection and feedder protection security automatics of electric motor according to the national power industry, the electric motor protector needs to carry on entire test every year after commissioninged, and examine within certain cycle, so the test of the protector of the electric motor is a long-term comparatively overwork. In order to make it convenient for the protector test job of the electric motor to go on effectively, our company undergoes the long-term test, to the performance characteristic of the protector of the electric motor, specialized design electric motor protector tester.
This device is used mainly for checking to electric motor protector and current model electric motor protector, thermocouple. And in fact, this instrument verifies, it not merely can test all current model electrical machinery protectors to relatively test on the basis of a large number of experiments, and can also carry on the test of corresponding, valid check sum to all automatic protective devices of excessive load. This instrument has adopted the advanced one-chip computer control technique in the design, thus make this instrument operate while using simply and conveniently. Reliable performance is stable, reading is ocular and swift in the whole test process, and the application of high-accuracy sensor, it is true that the valid assurance tests the Huaihe River machine formatly.
Second, characteristic:
1,Survey accuracy: 0.5%
2,Quad bit LED reveals ocularly and clearly
3,Working voltage: AC220V AC380V
4,Output voltage: AC 0- 450V is (adjustable)
5,The measurement limit of electric current: 0- 50mA is (adjustable)
6,Compact and portable and convenient: Weight 25Kg
7,Physical dimension: 430* 580* 230
Third, function:
1,Measure and pick up the electric current
2,Over load
4,Cross (owe) Press drain and interrupt (three-phase unevenly)
5,Trip time
6,The contact, the normally open, normally closed contact is differentiated automatically
Fourth, applicable scope:
1.Suitable for every typological low tension motor protector, thermorelay test.
2.Test whether the protector of the electric motor is protected effectively in running state.
3.Suitable for the test of the protective device of the low tension motor of test chamber.
4.Suitable for, produce the intersection of electric motor and the intersection of protector and manufacturer, carry on the intersection of product quality and check-up, produce the intersection of factory and test, debug.
5.Suitable for the research and development, test, teaching of every university and scientific research institution.

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