Specially moisten the line oiler quickly

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Specially moisten the line oiler quickly

Specially moistening the line oiler quickly has unparalleled unique characteristics, can reduce the cost of Maintenance easily, solve the lubricated problem at the same time.
You had already changed the traditional lubricated mode when you used the lipoprotein device of specially moist automatic note fast, it and lubrication of ' the law ' maintain and work bring for you absolutely ' reliable '. The quantification that day and night ' timing " ' to do a good job of automatic oiling and management, if unusually blocks or needs in the lipoprotein course of the note when changing the lubricator the warning lantern fair glimmer automatically and warn, check with the on-the-spot employees of notice, and get rid of the abnormal condition. Offer the freshest oil of oil site by note lipoprotein mode with frequent drib, up to not wasting managing with the reliable lubrication of 100%.

1.Use changing lithium cell, it is easy to operate to install.
2.But simple and easy adjustment note lipoprotein time and lubricating amount, from one month to 12 months.
3.The machine construction function is steady, operate ambient temperature range - 20 ¡æ +60 ¡æ.
4.Lubricated time ' Cycle) Control and control automatically, supplement the new oil continuously through the equilibrium pressure with bearing, keep the optimal lubricated result.
5.Possess control and infrared rays testing device of independent form, offer the powerful firm guarantee, obtain reliability and lubrication of the conformance to require.
6.Especially can design supplementing or oils removable cup again,can repeated uses persistent.
7.Each piece be had to warn note lipoprotein by pilot lamp,until oil finish using already or note pipeline block, bearing state is unusual at lipoprotein, will all be autokinetic to glimmer all the time to warn, letting can foresee the state to maintain and deal with in times.

Technical data of the products

The autobalance pressure of the operating pressure is operated, its impedance value
(in fact) By note lipoprotein pipeline and oil of bearing
Adhesion determine
Output pressure
(lubricator is exported) 5kg/cm2-10kg/cm2 (75psi-150psi) [Testing value of normal atmospheric temperature ]

Time setting (lubricate cycle) 1-12 month ( Can adjust)

Oil capacity ( Cup capacity of oil)150ml/c.c can supplement or the replaceable again

Size 85mm * 155mm (diameter / height)
Weight 557gm (excluding the oil)

Tooth foot-path specification( The lubricator is exported)PT 1/2" (M)

Power supply Changing lithium cell (P-613B)
CR-P2 6Vch* 1300 mAh

Temperature range of operation -From 20 ¡æ to +60 ¡æ

Pilot lamp Automatic a warning lamp ' Red)

When the OAT may be lower than ¡æ below zero, must pay attention to the low-temperature flow point data of the oil, can correspond to reality range demand of the OAT.

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Sell the imported products:
AD402 automatic drainer and Switzerland that Japan SMC produces have simalube line oiler.

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