Apparatus heat insulation protective cover

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The removable apparatus insulates against heat the protective cover regards protecting the blanket in high temperature as the substrate, choose and import the high temperature resistant fibrous line to process and make into the shelter products of various shapes, guarantee the normal operation of apparatuses such as the instrument, instrument, valve, heat exchanger, fission furnace module of hot space,etc. dispels the potential safety hazard greatly. This product can meet requirements for every tight and severe standard. The removable apparatus heat insulation protective cover is except that suitable for the ocean industry, industry, that the highway uses heavy-duty machine industry and electricity-generating industry, and can customize different shapes and size in accordance with the client requirement.

Advantage characteristic:

Can choose different materials according to the working condition, with strong points, save the cost to reach dustproof, oil proofing, antiradiation, anticorrosive result;

Prevent the apparatus from being influenced by high temperature, guarantee the apparatus runs well;

Make, construct convenient, need to dismantle the apparatus, can realize field installation;

Looking over and maintenance facilitating the apparatus;

Order label: Removable apparatus heat insulation protective cover Type BT6815 long 2000 mm * Width 200 mm * High 100 mm

The remarks: It must be studied carefully that the patented product is counterfeit, the application number of the patent: 200920088320.1

Basic characteristic

Continuous operating temp serial operating temperature:

500 ¨H (260 ¡æ)

Max short term exposure is the highest to expose the temperature instant:

2160 ¨H (1182 ¡æ)

Molten splash resistance melts and spatters resistance:


Flame resistance inflaming retarding:


Abrasion resistance wear-resisting characteristic:


Flexibility flexibility:


Water and oil resistance water resistant is oil proof:


Standard Colour reference color:


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