The liquid crystal rejects the digital metal detector, the underground metal detector of Jiangxi

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The type of the products: DFX-2-3 rice product cost: Yuans of liquid crystal reject digital metal detector - can look at underground metal the intersection of detector and brief introduction: Type: DFX American import underground metal detector, carry the fluorescent screen show the kind while being original packaging. It have this product it last depth large, with high resolution ratio and making a reservation accurate,it reveal kinds, shapes, depth metals underground and functions balanced. Can choose " Only frequently" Or " frequently " Construct and examine. Can choose to survey with a plurality of wave filters. Can dispel the magnetic ore of background. But ìo's sound is operated. Can store and select to presume. The weight is light, 2.5 kilograms. Can use the dry cell. Apply to the archaeology, prospect, pan gold ore out, visit the treasure extensively; Help people to find that bury metal historical relics and gold and silver treasures of the underground,etc.. This product can survey all metal such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, and can penetrate to covering in this material of belonging to more earth, pottery, rock, plastics above, mixing earth, timber etc.. Surveying the depth according to the local soil property environment and metal kind visited is of different size, it is different to survey the depth too. Our station searches for the key word: Hunan Changsha underground metal detector of Beijing of underground metal detector of Zhengzhou offers the underground gold and silver of Shenyang Liaoning of underground gold and silver detector of the underground metal instrument of Shanxi Shanghai Underground metal detector Jilin Changchun Beijing underground of Wuhan Sichuan Chengdu of underground gold and silver detector of Urumchi of underground metal detector of Xinjiang of the detector of gold and silver of Xi'an of the detector Underground metal detector of Shenyang of underground metal detector of Hefei of underground metal detector of Shanghai of underground metal detector of Xi'an of underground metal detector of Shenzhen of the metal instrument Hold the door metal of safety inspection of Shenzhen of metal detector of Gui Lin food of the metal detector and survey the underground gold of Gui Lin of the detector of pipeline of Wuhan on the door and seek the treasure appearance in detector Qingdao of gold and silver of Lanzhou Principle treasure of underground metal detector of Xianyang of Shaanxi of metal detector of Wuhan of high sensitive metal detector of Wei workshop of Tai'an of civil underground magnetic ore appearance of Jining of metal detector of safety inspection of Yantai The chicken sells the holding civil underground metal detector of Xin state of metal detector of Chifeng Tongliao of metal detector of mobile phone of Baotou of magnetic metal detector of Linyi of Weihai of the metal detector The waterproof metal detector metal in the state surveys the metal detector of door pipeline of safety inspection and imports the underground metal detector of Shenzhen Germany imported Beijing Wuhan Shenzhen of the metal detector the first day of the lunar month in Taiyuan Silver detector Jiangxi on the underground metal detector of An'shan of Fushun of Dalian Shenyang of underground gold and silver detector of Beijing Guangzhou of underground metal instrument of Hubei Kunming Xinjiang of Xi'an of Shandong Underground gold and silver detector of Chongqing Hebei Heze Fujian Zhang state of Handan of Tangshan of Ji'an Jiangxi state Shijiazhuang. Key word: Underground metal detector, underground metal detector, metal detector, metal detector, underground gold detector, the treasure visiting device, visits the underground metal detector of the treasure device in the underground, the underground metal detector of Beijing, the underground metal detector of Shanghai, the underground metal surveying device of Hebei (click to look over more underground metal surveying devices) Friendly link: Underground metal detector Underground metal detector Chinese instrument network Metal detector network Science and technology that Dary will come to Xingtai One hundred foreign electrons in Beijing Chinese instrument network Family of the underground metal detector Da Li comes to China

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