Nickel cadmium nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery of the Model SC

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The Zou 's of roof beam in Shandong engraves the speciality of power Co., Ltd. of wave and is devoted to nickel cadmium and research and development of nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery, produce and sell SC1200mAh, SC1400mAh, SC1600mAh, SC1800mAh, SC1900mAh, SC2000mAh type nickel cadmium rechargeable battery and SC1800mAh, SC2000mAh, SC2500mAh, SC2800mAh, SC3000mAh, nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery of SC3300mAh type, and customize the battery groups of different voltage, capacity, specifications according to customer's demand. The products authorize, U.S.A. UL authorizing, mattress TÜ of German fields lying fallow in rotation through ISO9001-2000 international quality system; V safety certification, the quality, performance in environment protecting mode are excellent, the price is favourable. The battery diameter of S C type: 22.2mm is high: 43mm

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