13693712838 milling apparatus producers of the star of Zhengzhou fiveThe milling grinds the high price of the gold machine quality

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Zhengzhou five the intersection of star and whom machine factory produce grind gold machine, connecting part adopt by soft to transmit wheel and rubber pad, save the trouble that the belt conveys, an axle adopts the loader to assemble the principle, the roller encloses, grinds the bottom and adopts the massive and involutory manganese steel, needn't use the large-scale hoist and mount apparatus while changing, the laver is adopted with the steel plate, and is greater than 60 degrees with the included angle of framework, can let the thick ore be sunk into the grinding machine bottom rapidly in use, increase and rub the number of times of ore, make the output increase. What five star machinery produced grinds the gold machine, use through users, unanimous response is very good. Sell the telephone number: 0371-64325325 Mobile: 13693712838 Mr. QQ Yao: 780654869 websites: http; //www.zzwxjx.cn

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