Supervoltage hydraulic hand-pump, test pump of hot-sale products, high-pressure plunger pump

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Technical parameter Rated pressure: 63MPa high-pressure discharge capacity: 2.3ml / discharge capacity 12.5ml / hand strength of maximum once of undervoltage once: Less than or equal to 450N weight: 8.3Kg physical dimension (mm) : 630* 155* 120 Store oil content: 10L other explanation double-stage pump forms exported The S-shaped manual oil pump is a kind of small-scale hydraulic power unit that can change the manual mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure. On condition that use related cylinder and specific purpose tool, can carry on various homework, for example jack-up, curved shape, straightening, shearing, riveting, assembling, dismantling and some construction, military affairs construct etc.. The leading particulars of the oil pump is: It is high in pressure, manually, subminiature, convenient when carryinging,easy to operate, there are wide on application area.

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