Thai hydraulic seperated manual, electronic hydraulic jack of machines factory of Dezhou China

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The Thai hydraulic machines company of Dezhou China specializes in products such as electric motor pump, hand pump, hydraulic machines, air-operated pump, QF series jack of hydraulic electronic pump,etc., craft exquisiteness, management science, modern techniques, service are meticulous, have cast the remarkable products. The staples has S series hand pumps, four columns of pressure machines, pedal oil pump, pipe bender, quick change adapter, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, D series electric motor pump series, petrol mechanical pump, various supervoltage integration blocks, check valves, flow divider valves, drawing the fastening device, LL and CL serial supervoltage tools, cylinder hydraulic pump; Hydraulic cylinder; Cylinder; Jack; Tool jar; Underground tip pipe; It is not a block take-off; Electric motor pump; Plunger pump; Pressure machine; Hydraulic power system; The oil is carried; Hydraulic machines; Draw the fastening device; Hydraulic pressure pays special attention to unloading the wheel-organ three times; Pedal hydraulic pump; Hydraulic power unit; The liquid compresses the tube machine; Hydraulic pipe bender; Hydraulic trombone slide machine; ,And accept, design and produce the hydraulic power systems and execution tools of various demands, the assembly of the rubber tube, its characteristic of product is small, light, compact, easy to operate, can also carry on stress testing to the pressure vessel directly. Can carry on the jack-up while allocating the daily tool

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