Electronic exhaust fume machine, fire control is ventilated

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U.S.A.SUPER VACElectronic exhaust fume machine, the ventilator draught fan of fire control

Electronic exhaust fume machine is also called the exhaust fume machine, fire control ventilator draught fan, U.S.A. Super Vac electronic exhaust fume machine centralized numerous novel and unique devices, make it become, ventilate the intersection of trade and most respectable brand promptly, it is world that improve quality most reliable, the most salable ventilation facilities.


1,High-speed exhaust fume is apparent shorten the time of exhaust fume.

2,Crooked propelling screw after four blades of aviation aluminum alloy of high strength.

3,The square is designed and can be piled up and furled and used, is used for forced draft.

4,Safe unexplosive motor, it is AMCA 99-0401 standard top A grade that the aluminum chassis defends the grade of spark.

5,Light, compactness design and can apolegamy hang kit, use for, hang at the door or window.

6,But apolegamy wind pipe joint, screw type or " L " Type pipeline couple to exhaust fume plane.

7,The noise is low, light, the energy-conserving compactness is designed.

8,Through the intersection of third party and safety certification, angry flowrate test is corrected according to AMCA standard 210-99.

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