5.7" Liquid crystal module

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The liquid crystal in MATSUYAMA of Shenzhen reveals scientific and technological Co., Ltd. (ShenZhen SunSon Lcd Hi-tech CO; Ltd.) It is one that specializes in the LCD (LCD - Liquid Crystal Display Panel) Reveal the module (LCM-Liquid Crystal Display Module) with the liquid crystal Development, production and sale new high-tech enterprise. The company has stronger LCM to design the development, production, quality control, management group; Have complete sets of the intersection of COG and Nation make machine, the intersection of COB and Nation, make plane, SMT, stick to slices of machine, the intersection of HEATSEAL and the intersection of hot press,etc. and advanced apparatus, have offered strong software and hardware support for delivering goods to the customer in time in accuracy; We with national-level to test the laboratory keep, get in touch often still at the same time, including the environmental laboratories, dependability laboratories, testing the room etc. synthetically, carry on third party's test. The products make a reservation: Steady quality, moderate price. The company products include two major series of: Standard product and non-standard product ' The customer customizes the products) ,Involve three major types: Figure lattice, character lattice, one section of types of pen, contain TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, CSTN five kinds of membrane types; Merge structural forms of various crafts such as COG, COF, TAB, COB, SMT,etc.. The products are used in each of society field extensively: Common instrument and apparatus, industry controller, communication apparatus, medical instrument, financial machines, GPS navigates, POS machine terminal and works automation equipment, all kinds of information machines, power automation, the display terminal stations of fields such as monitoring system, digital speech teaching equipment and household appliances, mobile phone, commercial telephone, gift toy, VCD, PDA, MP3,etc.. Through the development for many years, we already and every manufacturer has established long-term friendly cooperation relation outside China. We are looking forward to your joining, march forward hand in hand together, create the beautiful future! Our spirit: Honest, have the courage to bring forth new ideas in the following our company from some catalogues that are produced:

Type of the products Lattice External dimension Reveal the area Controller,etc.

SYM320240A 320x240 143.0x 96.8104.0X79.3 SED1335 5.1 inches of compatible UG-32F01

SYM320240ZK 320x240 143.0x 96.8104.0X79.3 hardware word storehouse

SYM320240B 320x240 167.0x109.0 122.0x92.0 SED1335 5.7 inches of compatible DMF50840

SYM320240C 320x240 139.0x120.0 103.0x79.0 SED1335 5.1 inches of compatible DMF50081

SYM320240D 320x240 93.8 x 75.17 76.79x57.59 SED1335

SYM320240E 320x240 167.0*109.0 122.0*92.0 SED1335 5.7 inches of compatible DMF50174

SYM320240F 320x240 167.0x109.0 122.0x92.0 SED1335 touch-sensitive screen --------5.7 inches

SYM320240G 320x240 167.0x109.0 122.0x92.0 SED1335 touch-sensitive screen --------5.7 inches

SYM320240H 320x240 144.8x104.0 100x75 hardware word storehouse

SYM320240Q 320x240 98.2 x 85 81.8*62 TAB66130/66137 touch-sensitive screen ---3.8 inches

SYM32064 320 x 64 165 x 45 x

SYM240160H 240x160 143.0x 96.8 104.0x79.3 SED1335 ------5.1 inches

SYM240160ZK 240x160 143.0x 96.8 104.0x79.3 hardware word storehouse

The liquid crystal in MATSUYAMA of Shenzhen reveals scientific and technological Co., Ltd. / Mr. 13189776400 Chen

Type of the products Lattice External dimension Reveal the area Controller,etc.

SYM240128A 240x128 144.0x104.0 114.0x64.0 T6963C

SYM240128B 240x128 156.3x104.0 114.0x64.0 T6963C

SYM240128C 240x128 144.0x104.0 114.0x64.0 HD61830

SYM240128E 240x128 144.0x104.0 114.0x64.0 hardware word storehouse

SYM24064B240x64 180.0x 65.0132.6x39.0 T6963C

SYM24064C240x64180.0x 65.0132.6X39.0 hardware word storehouse

SYM160160A 160x160 51.88x51.88 45.68x45.68 TAB

SYM160128A 160x128 130.0x102.0 101.0x82.0 SMT, T6963C

SYM19264A192x64100.0x 60.0 84.0x31.0 KS0107

SYM19264B192x64130.0x 65.0104.0x39.0 KS0107

SYM16032A 160x32 122.0x 44.099.0 X24.0 ST7920 hardware word storehouse

SYM 12896 128*96 84*67.5 56.4*33.2 S6B0741 TAB-FSTN

SYM12864A128x64 113.0x 65.073.4 x38.8 KS0107

SYM12864B 128x64 78.0 x 70.062.0 x44.0 T6963C

SYM12864C 128x64 93.0 x 70.070.7 x38.8 KS0107

SYM12864D128x64 78.0 x 70.062.0 x44.0 KS0107

SYM12864F128x64 54.0 x 50.043.5 x29.0 KS0107

SYM12864G128x64 75.0 x 52.760.0 X32.5 ST7920 hardware word storehouse

SYM12864H128x64 54.0 x 54.544.5 x29.5 KS0107

SYM12864I 128x64 82.0 x 57.065.5 X38.0 COG craft, low cost

SYM12864J 128x64 78.0 x 70.0 62 . 0x44.0 ST7920 hardware word storehouse

SYM12864K 128x64 93.0 x 70.0 70.7 x38.8 ST7920 hardware word storehouse

SYM12864L 128x64 75.0 x 52.760.0 x32.5 KS0107

SYM12864L1 128x64 92.0 x 52.760.0 x32.5 KS0107

SYM12832A128x32 119.0 x 58.091.0 X31.0 ST7920 hardware word storehouse

SYM12832D 128x32 58.0 x 55.055.0X18.0 ST7920 hardware word storehouse

SYM12232A122x32 84.0 x 44.060.0 x18.5 SED1520

SYM12232B 122x32 76.4 x 29.161.0 x21.0 SED1520

SYB12232C 122x32 76.4 x 29.161.0 x21.0 SED1520

SYM12232G 122x32 69.2 x 31.75 57.2 x17.2 ST7920 hardware word storehouse

SYM12232F 122x32 65.8 x 27.254.8 x18.3 SED1520

SYM12232H 122x32 84.0x44.4 60.5x18.0 ST7920 hardware word storehouse

SYM1602A 16 x 2 80.0 x 36.064.5 x13.8 HD44780

SYM1601A 16*1 80.0*36.0 64.5*13.8 SYM1601B 16*1 151*40 120*23 Big character ---Japanese Seiko

The liquid crystal in MATSUYAMA of Shenzhen reveals scientific and technological Co., Ltd. / Mr. 13189776400 Chen

The type of the products: SYB320240B ---Anti-interference is designed, totally compatible DMF50840, DMF50174, SP14Q003-C1, EW32F43BCW

This product is lattice module of 320240 figures, cover the membrane Nation definitely, is two kinds of craft ways of film are stuck at present, the properties of product are steady; Includes RA8835 controller, the negative pressure circuit of year of the board, common relying mainly on the fact that blue is rejected, disposes the high light white LED side in a poor light, reveal the result is noble and refined as the blue bottom mispronounced character. Can mix white the intersection of ins and outs and dark word ' Black-and-white membrane is exactly apparent) Or gray membrane LED white light shows the blue word of gray bottom, uses multi-purposely under the environment of outdoor or low-temperature. Use: The products are applied to the industry controller, medical instrument, electronic electricity, detecting instrument extensively, man-machine interface,etc..

Our company still produces the serial liquid crystals which substitutes the foreign brand company to reject:

The liquid crystal of compatible Japan OPTREX Company DMF50081 is rejected, the type is CA320240C

Compatible Japan OPTREX Company DMF50174, the liquid crystal of DMF50840 is rejected, the type is CA320240B1

The liquid crystal of compatible Samsung UG32F01 is rejected, the type is CA320240A

The liquid crystal in the compatible interface of Taiwan AG-320240F- 24PIN is rejected, the type is CA320240FCA320240K

CA320240K is 5.7 inches of standard 320x240 figure lattice module, totally compatible Japan SHARP Company LM32019T, LM32019P1, LM32019P2, LM320191. The price is cheap, quality is steady. Kenya mere LED, CCFL is available, FFC and carrying the light length and can be customized.

Size The distinguishing rate of type is 12.1

LM-JA53-22NTK 800*600 12.1

LM-JK63-22NTR 800*600 (E7A90VP121AAA) 12.1

The worker of TX31D21VC1CBE 10.4 MD400F640PD4 Panasonic accuses of rejecting 10.4

NL10276AC20-03 10.4 NL10276BC26-11E 10.4

TX26D32VC1CAA 10.4 N L 8060 A C 2 6 - 0 5 10.4

N L 8060 A C 2 6 - 1 3 10.4

NL8060 A C 2 6 - 1 5 10.4

LTM10C306/14/17/20 TFT1024*768 10.4

LQ104V1DG51 10.4

SX25S004 9.4

NL6448CC33-30 9.4 N L 6448 A C 3 0 - 0 99.4

N L 6448 A C 3 2 - 0 3 7.5

SX19V001-ZZB; SX19V007 ---CSTN 7.5

SP19V001-ZZC ----STN 7.0

LTA070AW13 TFT 5.7

LM32019T is unicolor 5.7

LM32P10 320*240 148.0*96.0 100.0*76.0 5.7

Porcelain of KCS057QV1AJ-G23-4Z-14 Beijing 5.7

LM057QC1701 ----CSTN 5.6

LTA056AN01 TFT 3.5 LTA035AN01 TFT

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