Ultrasonic flow meter of integrative type

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Ultrasonic flow meter of integrative type

The ultrasonic flow meter of TDS-100 serial integrative types is applied to various industrial scenes extensively the online flow of liquid is measured. The products solve external application type and bayonet sensor in the course of installing because people and under the measurement precision led to the fact for examine into the intersection of pipeline and the intersection of parameter and inaccurate error that cause Question lowered; Have precision high, range than wide with low costs installing simple, little having the intersection of machinery and movable part characteristic pressure lossing. This product has changed user's idea to intellectual partial installation of ultrasonic flow meter, it is the developing direction of the ultrasonic flow meter of future.

Performance characteristic

lMeasure the precision: Superior to 1%;

lHeavyReplySex: Superior to 0.2%;

lMeasure cycle: 500ms (2 times per second) ;

lWorking voltage: AC220V or DC24V;

lMeasure the velocity of flow range: 0 is ¡À 32m/s;

lCan examine temperature range of medium - 40 ¡æ 160 ¡æ

lThe medium is required: Water, sewage, sea water, alcohol, various oils,etc. can conduct the ultrasonic single and even and stable liquid;

lApparentShow: 2* 10 in a poor light Chinese character liquid crystal displays; It is it instantaneous flow to can reveal and, shoulder, accumulate by flow, velocity of flow,etc. only;

lHoldDo: 16 keys dab the keyboard

lThe signal is input: The simulation of No. 4mA- 20mA 1 is input, 0.1% of precision; Can input signals such as the temperature, pressure,etc.;

lThe signal is exported:

4mA- 20mA or 0mA- 20 mA, impedance 0- 1KW, it is empty to float, 0.1% of precision;

No. 2 can be programmed OCT and export;

Print and output the expanded function regularly;

Common to expand the interface of bus RS232/RS485 dual serially.

lThe data are stored:

It takes 128 days before automatic memory; The first 64 months; Accumulation flow and working state in the past 5 years;

Memory have, cut out for time, flow and function of management of flow the first 32 times.

lCut out to protect: The data are not lost to cut out for 100,000 hours;

lConnection way: Flange type / living and taking over type (hygiene type) Available;

lProtect the grade: IP65

lInterface of the electric apparatus: M20* 1.5

lThe greatest consumption: 1.2W

lRequirements range: DN15- 1000mm

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