Electronic atmospheric pressure generator

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Main use:

Check the pressure ' Difference is pressed) Changer

Check-up pressure switch

Check-up accurate manometer, ordinary manometer

Check-up prohibits the oil manometer

The characteristic of the products:

u Make and press, reduce labour intensity electronically, saving time saves effort

u Step up steadily, the precision is high

u The tape stores and presses the function, mend pressing and overvoltage protection function ( SER1006A) automatically

u The war industry seals technology, the fast steady voltage of 5 seconds

Technical indicator:

u Make and press the range: ( 0 - 4 ) MPa

u Regulate thin degree: 10Pa

u Export the interface: M20 * 1.5 (three)

u External dimension: 450mm* 345mm* 245mm

u Weight: 10Kg

u The voltage of power supply: 220VAC

Order information:

SER1006 electronic atmospheric pressure generator (indicator reveals, accuse of pressing manually)

The intersection of SER1006A and electronic the intersection of atmospheric pressure and generator (digital display, can presume at the pressure, lower limit, realize and accuse of pigeonholing the function automatically)

SER8001 various specifications are connected Purchase

SER8002 high-pressure hose Purchase

SER8004 oil gas separator Purchase

Change and connect in the SER8005 area four Purchase

Random attachment:

Certificate of quality One

Manual A part

Sealed circle 20

Cable One

Case the list A part

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