JSXGN machinery locked

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JSXGN cupboard closes and locks GN30 to isolate the apparatus factory (www.zjdgqc.com) of electrician in Zhenjiang of the switch ZN28G vacuum circuit breaker under high pressure with machinery It is high with the west initially to jointly design, develop box cupboard XGN2-12, also produce related JSXGN-12 machinery and lock the device first, ZN28-12 high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, GN30-12 isolate inner components of cupboard such as the switch, JCZ5-12 high-pressure vacuum contactor,etc. under high pressure.First, box switch cupboard JSXGN-12 lock the device and adopt mandatory machinery to lock the way with machinery, satisfied" five is defended " The function requires, have characteristic such as being easy and simple to handle, safe and reliable. Originally lock and suitable for XGN2-12 case type fixed type metal and close various wiring schemes and various structural forms in the switchgear, can separately and CD10, CD17,etc. electromagnetic to speak move by organization and CT8,CT17, wait for spring not to be spoken to last organization to interlock CT19. Second, the high-pressure rotary system isolates the switch in order to fit in the family that is exchanged 50Hz of the specified voltage 12KV three phases in GN30-12, 12D family. Suitable for the box metal and close the fixed switch cupboard, can make the switch cupboard compact, rational, compact, the safe reliability is high, used for dividing and shutting the using of circuit under situation without load of voltage. Isolate switch, adopt JSXGN-12 type, can interlock the intersection of operating organization and transmission, insulating part adopt large to climb from the intersection of porcelain and the intersection of quality and insulator all, it is safe and reliable. Touch head, adopt slice touch, point, linear to keep in touch, reduce operate strength and increase rotate flexibility. Third, ZN28G-12 type serial vacuum circuit breakers are simple in construction, the volume is small, hold and move the organization it as the spring energy storage type. Can operate with the exchange or direct current. Can install three and cross and flow and take off the deducting device at most. Kill vacuum arc room part and speak and last organization part for in front and at the back of assign,compound by structures wholes insulating, complete machine size little and energy consumption little and noise low easy to install. Do not need to adjust, seldom safeguard. The main body part of the circuit breaker is installed and connected behind the circuit breaker mechanism case with organization into a whole. Three major product series of our company are: Defend it by mistake safely: Five prevents the procedure from being locked High-pressure electrification reveals that locks the device Machinery is locked Electric magnetic padlock The complete sets of electric apparatus of earth connection of short circuit: Surround the network cupboard under high pressure Box cupboard The installing electric apparatus component of transformer substation in advance of high pressure / low pressure: Rotate and isolate the switch under high pressure High-pressure vacuum broken circuit device JCZ5-12 vacuum contactor

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