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It promotes the edge toll that you leapt to the high-quality field to shake the testing machine, the simulation products lie in making, assemble and transport and use and carry out various environments met in stage, stand the vibrant ability of the environment in order to appraise the products, suitable for the electron, electromechanics, photoelectricity, vapour locomotive, toyWait for the research of all trades and professions, development, the product is in charge of, make. It is you that improve the testing machine of product quality with rare dependability.
Function: Sinusoidal wave, amplitude modulation, definitely frequently sinusoidal wave, amplitude modulation, but form, sweep frequently, frequently time, time controls, fast interface 485 times, logarithm
The biggest test supports K: 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Frequency range: The frequency 1-600 of 0.01Hz power (1S time by 1) 1-5000 (1S time by 1)
Sweep the range frequently: 0.01Hz does not last 30 days) 1-5000 (1S arrived 30 days ago)
Amplitude: 0- 5mm
Maximum acceleration: 20g
Shake the direction Vertical Level Vertical + level
Shake the wave form Sinusoidal wave
But form ( 0.01Hz) : 1-600 (15 sections / 65500S can be circulated) 1-5000 (15 sections / 65500S can be circulated)
Double frequently ' 0.01Hz) : 1-600 (15 sections / 65500S can be circulated) 1-5000 (15 sections / 65500S can be circulated)
Fast interface 485 times : Can connect the computer and make the control zone, store, record, print the function ' The computer controls as OPTION)
Time controls: Any time can be set up (the unit second)
The shaking machine power (KW) : 2.2KW 3.8KW
Size of the working bench (L *W) : It is the 50cm *50cm largest ' 3*3)
Voltage (V) of the power : 220V 380V
The largest electric current (A) : 10
Size of body of the platform (CM) : 50*20*50 50*25*20 50*20*50 50*25*50 Two pieces of mesa 50*20*50 50*25 *50 Two pieces of mesa
Note: 1g=9.8m/S2 acceleration =0.002*f2 *D (unit g) f =Frequency (unit Hz)

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