SMC electromagnetic valve, SMC electromagnetic valve, SMC electromagnetic valve

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SMC electromagnetic valve, SMC electromagnetic valve, SMC electromagnetic valve telephone number: 021-3952 98/30/29/39/31 of the faxes: 021-3952 98/30/29/39/31SMC CORPORATION was established in 1959, is headquartered in Tokyo of Japan. Even to this day, SMC has already become the world-class pneumatic component researching and developing, makes, seller. Have a bulky market network in the native country of Japan even more, offer products and after service to customer. SMC make trans-corporation of sale as the intersection of world and most famous pneumatic component, its connections and production bases spread all over the world. The intersection of SMC and the intersection of products and complete variety with their, reliability high and economy durable can meet different users of numerous fields' demands and well-known ing. Has already exceeded SMC of 60% in Japan's market share, through distributing over the overseas constituent companies and retail traders of 51 countries of world, link the production, sale of the countries all over the world SMC products an organic whole, offer direct, complete services to user. SMC electromagnetic valve SQ1A 31N-5-C6-Q (1.15-0.7MPa) The base type corresponded to, it is better that there are pictures, this base can install 14 electromagnetic valves, arrange and connect through one 25 pins and interstar connections, the Off-The-Shelf base type is because of machine run, can't dismantle, on the back, can not see the type, need to purchase some and do the spare part,

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