Plastic welding machine 13804537808 of supersonic wave of Jilin

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Advanced craft that weld, all injection molding and plastic work piece that become can adopt ultrasonic welding, thus the one that prevented from because adopt the inconvenience that the method such as being fixed of the adhesive or screw brings. Characteristic 1. Japanese original packaging piezo-electric ceramic transducer, it is powerful and steady 2 to export. The automatic protection of over load, security is reliable 3. The high-quality complete set imports the device of the component to assemble, the supersonic wave of quality is welded fast with it (a finished product of 1-2 second) ,Safe, the fastness keeps advantages such as longevity,etc., realize the plastic body guarantees the ultrasonic welding advantage does not need to add the solvent, adhesive or other that complements auxiliaries, various thermoplastic cement one weld, increase the multi-fold production rate, lower costs, improve the product quality and safety in production. Applicable trade toy trade, various trades such as the stationery trade, car trade, electrical home appliances trade, communication trade, the trade of daily expenses, electron trade, packing the trade, instrument trade.

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