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It look at Germany STEINER Yue tourist 8X30 telescope 4404 ( Protect in 10)

Look at the major advantage happily - -Unique three major characteristics

The trends are focused on automatically
Enjoy the comfortable and clear trends to focus on the result automatically

Only need to adjust every lens " 0" ,As to the target of constantly changeable distance you needn't adjust the focus again
The corresponding side that only needs to adjust the telescope separately according to the eyesight situation of every one while correcting eyesight is all right

Once set, it is clear, bright from any far goal of getting limitlessly of 20 meters

High contrast ratio lens
Enjoy very clearly, bright and high and compare with the scene of the result

Exclusive technology which the Yue 's invents from looking at
Look at the technology of coating with leading nature happily
Different coatings can optimize telescope of different uses

High-Contrast Optics compares with the lens high

The latest optical technology that looked at happily has improved the contrast ratio of the lens greatly, thus make the image extremely clear and bright, especially under very dim light, it can improve the visibility and make the image clear effectively. Concrete result, see the picture that the bear catches the fish to compare.

MC-Coating MC coats

It is a kind of combined multi-layer coating that MC coats, are called high technology coating too, it is a basic standard of looking at the telescope happily. The the intersection of coating and technology make image to be obviously clear, but also may strain except that harmful UV radiation, make the visual effect most comfortable and most nice and most cool. Concrete result, see the picture of the hills to compare.

3D-Vision 3D coats

The superfine 3D optical technology on the market, in looking at the telescope happily, 3D lens is the most bright lens, the printing opacity rate of the telescope is up to 96%. It reduced the astigmatism most possibly at the same time, making 3D lens have most clearly and most bright visual image result. Concrete result, the picture which is seen the yacht is compared.

Very sturdy and duable
Enjoy and compare one degree of lenses with comfortable use high, even after use under of abominable environment of various decades the result remains unchanged

Adopt very firm, durable and durable material
Unique structure and inlay and hold technology
Military products experience of decades
It is very firm and extremely durable to guarantee

Nitrogen presses the system
The air in the telescope shell will contain the moisture, when changing fast in ambient temperature, the moisture in the air will be produced " The fog "
Look at happily and take the air out with vacuum law, and fill into the nitrogen at the same time
Even if the ambient temperature will not be hazed from - 40 to +80 ¡æ change
Only look at happily and use and control the valve, make you find or adjust the pressure of the nitrogen if necessary
Other telescopes are only assembled under the environment of the nitrogen at most, because seal and often fail to totally seal and die, the air will enter the telescope, so it is difficult to avoid to haze.

Suspending prism
Except durable the intersection of mark and the intersection of dragon and object Luo incomparably, look at happy prism and lens of telescope adopt the firm suspension type structure, namely the prism, with filling and entering the elasticity colloidal silica with extremely long life-span for one time around the lens, thus has guaranteed the long-term accurate and very remarkable damped result of the position of lens, this is one of its durable durable reasons too.

Accurate a compass ' Look at the type)
Look at not only the first company offering telescope of the compass happily, but also the compass made in the telescope is biggest, it is 10 times stronger than the magnetism of the traditional compass, resolution ratio is extremely high, not afraid of fluctuating high-efficiently or shaking fast. Dispose the giving out light device. Comprehensive to divide and draw marking and broad compass position scale, guarantee the accurate and reliable localization.

Water pressure is waterproof
Only totally could seal the telescope dying the water pressure type is waterproof
Dust, moisture and dirt,etc. ( As water) Can't enter look at happy,
Look at the professional telescope happily and guarantee getting waterproof 5 meters of water pressure
Other telescopes will use too " Waterproof " Wording,but define ambiguous

Humanized eye-shade
Even it is very comfortable to use to the personage with glasses, the ones that turn back in soft all right 70% discount off type gather silicon oxygen alkane rubbery mirror cup to make you look at far through your glasses comfortably, so promote and watch from a distance the result far greatly.

Lead memory eyepiece ' Look at the type)
To main fact of the machine, the eyepiece has function of mechanical memory, no matter how other people use his telescope, not either
Managing how other people's eyesight changes, the host can correct eyesight the host while needing using immediately through touching

Register for braces quickly ' Look at the type)
The buckle device of the braces adopts the newly most developed button to be designed. The insertion or taking out that the braces can be very simple, it is possible
Change braces into floating even more very easily.

Rubbery shell
Slip resistance, handle that hold safely control, even weather in gale, very soft firm rubber protect shell
Can guarantee the comfortable touch sense, and have prevention of corrosion, resist and grit, antiultraviolet, defend the acid material and defend the greasy dirt.

Standard fittings
In order to use reliably all the life, it is furnished with the standard fittings to look at the telescope happily, for instance the rain cover, the eyepiece is covered and hung and taken etc.. Hang
Take the total length to be adjustable, defend durably and durably, waterproofly corruptly, it is comfortable to use, the mirror can play and can not have a meeting to cover fast while using

Quality is guaranteed
Look at happy professional the intersection of telescope and assurance of quality for 30 years, normal form quality guarantee for 10 year.
Looking at the telescope happily can be repaired completely.
After frequently using, abrasion (such as of part: Rubbery sheath, the mirror cup,etc.) ,Can change very briefly.
Some telescopes claim to guarantee all the life, but not proved clearly, nobody knows that means people mean the products all the life all the life, once the telescope is damaged, there is not anything.

Series of outdoor exercises
The strong open-air lens is the high-performance assurance of the open air, make your field endanger and are imbued with life more!
No matter want or pass through the rainforest, the knapsack travels, goes for an outing in early spring, watches bird, mountaineering or any other outdoor exercises, need to allocate one effectually and using the reliable telescope and looking at happy outdoor serial telescopes, you will see other people are easy to leak the thing seen or wanted to see but see. Especially under the condition that dusk, dawn, night and the light of sheltering from heat or light etc. is insufficient, even more like this. Outdoor serial telescopes are just as looking at all telescopes happily, they all have remarkable looking at the happy lens characteristic, no matter how remote the distance which you watch is, how dim the light of the environment is, whether it is a burning sun or rainy day, it will make you obtain the clear, lucid and lively, bright image like the crystal. In addition various types in the outdoor series are firm, durable all the life, the ideal companion under various all-weather outdoor sports environments. If you want to get more abundant, more active, more amazing travel, it is absolutely your best, perfect choice to look at outdoor serial telescopes happily.
Important characteristic of the outdoor telescope
Under the occasions of the outdoor exercises, the telescope needs frequently using, and all there are no so many outdoor exercises in change of the environment for use in any other specialities, a real outdoor exercises telescope must be all-round reliable tools, must meet various special requirements for changing all the time in the open air.
Sturdy and duable: From watching the concert to the extreme sport, a lot of different environment for use needs the strongest, most durable style.
Compare with the lens high: Need to obtain the clear and bright high contrast lens substantially as hiking, drifting about, skiing and watching the sports match etc. and needing under different light specially of image.
Small-scale and light: Larger telescope is not suitable for the open air to use, it is matched in the small bag or pocket that it can be right so that hand-carry all day.
Easy to operate: Outdoor user professional user, most people under they but randomness use the telescope.
Firm design: Outdoor users like the powerful design, because such a design can reflect their image and individual character, even after decades, still hoped the telescope looks the same as newly.
Guaranteed in 10: Outdoor users hope the telescope can be accompanied all the life, it is the assurance of the confidence to guarantee in 10.

Tourist 4404
Perfect multi-purposed all-round companion - -Ideal choice that recreation moves about

No matter you take the hot air balloon, or stroll from seashore to the soul-stirring torrent floating raft, if you want to appreciate the beautiful scenery of nature heartily, do not want to miss any beautiful scenery, you had better carry a tourist 8* 30. The strong telescope can further and make all further clearer thing all thing, demonstrate the strong function and comfortable perfect combination between the two of use. 8 times of magnification makes you and distance between the goals near enough to see every detail clearly. The remarkable lens coats and isolates and harmful to UV radiation effectively, weaken and dazzle the light, demonstrate the bright image like the crystal for you. The revolutionary trends focus on and dispel the trouble that you focus manually automatically. Gather the intersection of carbonic acid and ester pass mark shell after the fiber armoured dragon Luo can't be broken. The skin slip resistance rubber resists and scratches, resists shock. Tourist 8* 30 lets you obtain more bright image, more details and more meaningful activities.

Visual field: 120 meters

Shimmer coefficient: 15.5

Luminance index: 14.6

Weight: 650 grams

Highly: 120 millimetres

Serial number: 4404

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