Control cabinet of the hoist

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The principal products of business of our company: 1. Switch: Restrict the location switch, the hoist uses the journey switch, overspeed and turn on or off, hoist control cabinet, journey switch, exchange the intersection of cam and controller, cam person who adjust household make controller, make controller, rotate limit the intersection of location and the intersection of switch, safety switch,etc. and 2 mainly. Cab: Ordinary cab, white steel cab, ZKQS-1610, ZKQS-697, ZKQS-600B 3. Cable bridge shelf: The ladder type level is curved and open, ladder type three direct links, . We pay attention to every link, product quality pursues perfect quality, satisfied as the standard with users; The product cost creates the price of bottom the most for users, enterprise's benefit is combined with social benefit; The products are delivered to fulfil the contract strictly, offer to customer fast, thoughtful and satisfactory service: Create the believable marketing environment for user: Products, technology are innovating constantly, promote users' satisfaction on the whole.

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