Liquid agitator, add the medicine agitator, the stainless steel agitator

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Liquid agitator, add the medicine agitator, the stainless steel agitator

Welcome the incoming telegram Have made to order of different specifications to add medicine device form a complete set, spend Agitator

The agitator that our company produces is used in chemical trades such as paint, coating, dyestuffs, food, cosmetics, viscose pharmaceutical,etc. extensively, it has many kinds of functions of dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, mixing colors etc.. The products have high production efficiency, the structure is safe and durable, the characteristic is steady, of fine qualities, and can order the nonstandard model according to customer's request.

Usually the liquid is stired and gone on in the round column groove, can be for the shell type or open, the main frame is motor, reducer, framework; The Stirrer includes coupling joint, axis of rotation, wing, and depends on that installs shaft seal and axle of axis of rotation additionally to receive in demand. And the design of agitator must be dependent on speciality and experience, the quality designed is widely different to the result that is stired, so while filling in the data list of the agitator, detailed mixing purpose, the shapes and size of the properties of matter, trough,etc., could make the optimal design.

Consider the parameter in machinery of the agitator
1.Static load.
2.Dynamic load.
3.Quiet and kinetic moment.
5.Abrade and corrode.
6.Motive force is input.
Choose attentive matters:
It is that SUS304 is the main fact that the standards of all specifications connect the excellent leaf material of liquid, other special materials or bags which resist the acid-base are lined with coating, please brief on separately.
Motor like taking special shelter,outside such as room, unexplosive,etc.,please brief on separately, and tell that requires the grade.
The high rotational speed or high-capacity agitator tank is operated, should install fixed ring and water mean axis additionally and is protected by the seat.
Blade size that all models label, stiring axle diameter, axial length,etc. is the reference dimension, the actual dimension determines it in accordance with stiring norms such as the purpose, blade pattern, mixing speed,etc..

Attentive matters of operating:
Should check appointed voltage and load current of famous brand on electric motor in front of starting the power, and acknowledge input and cooperates with the overladen Relay device to confirm for the correct voltage.
The paddle has not been at all soaked in liquid forbid the vacant turn round, so as not to lead to the fact the damage of the dangerous and apparatus.
The fixed foundation of the apparatus needs enough stiffness, there is no resonance to move the work environment considered hit that is good.
Please confirm foundation bolt and every screw first in front of starting the agitator power already totally fixed.
The apparatus after the starting up is like having unusual sounds, Wen Sheng and state rocked, should shut down and recheck at once.
Whether the electric motor temperature is unusual, when rising to normal load in load, should check whether the electric current exceeds the rated current, if there is over load, please use bigger horsepower instead.
Because stir conditions such as the purpose, trough shape of the barrel, rotational speed, viscosity,etc. to change, the mixing leaves of different patterns are applied to different using the purpose, different mixing leaves design and choose the pattern of the impeller in accordance with every norm, impeller and the intersection of agitator tank and proportion, the intersection of impeller and terminal week speed, stir viscosity change and flow-rate range consideration in the course of internal diameter. There are many kinds of types of the wing type Stirrer, are divided into axial flow and radial flow in accordance with the flow state in the trough of fluid. His influence stir the key factor of benefit as follows; And offer the commonly used pattern for your guidance:
@1. Shape, diameter, backswept angle and dumping angle of the impeller of the agitator.
@2. The high positions of number of layers and installation of the impeller of the agitator.
@3. Rotational speed of the impeller of the agitator.
@4. Shape, inner volume, quantity and exterior size of the flapper of the agitator tank.
@5. The batch is operated continuity operating.

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