Step the bright all automatic sperm's analysis meter (animal edition)

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Nanning loose the intersection of scene and the intersection of family happiness and whom biological Science Technologies Co., Ltd. develop step bright the intersection of sperm and the whole the intersection of automatic detection and real-time analysis system ' Specialized edition of animal) The animal edition that first in China specially puts out is specialized type at present, adopt modernized computer technology and advanced picture treatment technology, carry on overall quantitative analysis to the dynamic and inactive state characteristic of the sperm. Especially suitable for the seminal fluid to examine, the improvement that can be maximal measures competence. Apply to some subject domains extensively, if biological research institute, endangered animals, scarce animal's research institute, animal husbandry breed research institute, academy of sciences of life, Academy of Agricultural Sciences and artificial fertilization and stand etc. manually, have extensive using value. Research to seminal fluid of animal such as the rat, pig, ox, sheep.
The more traditional analysis methods of this system are compared, have fast, the intersection of quantity and the intersection of voltinism and fine, high finding the parameter index and rich in and offering the objective detection basis to detection and scientific research reliability. In addition, it also has a characteristic such as being high of easy to operate, little, intelligent intensity of pollution.

Technical specification:
1.The sample allows once to gather and measure the quantity: 2000; Error ¡À 2%
2.Measure the velocity band 0-250 (um/s)
3.It is 25-100 to gather widths to every sample, adjustable
4.Gather and analyze time ' Second) Not greater than 10
5.Number of groups of visual field that the picture is gathered 1-30
6.Testing item: Sperm density, the intersection of sperm and living rate, the intersection of sperm and kinematic trajectory, the intersection of sperm and the intersection of movement and distribution map, the intersection of sperm and the intersection of total number,etc. and 30 more than sperm measure and analyze the function; Speed of route (VAP) in the report , curve speed (VCL) , the speed of straight line (VSL) There is a variance parameter.
7.Sperm's automatic numbering is marked and counted: Automatic allocation is numbered after software of the whole automated analysis of sperm discerns to the mathematics shape of sperm's picture. It is numbered independently that there is one each sperm, then discern accurate tracking to its kinematic trajectory, in order to make more rigorous kinematic parameter and parameter of science of statistics.
8.The software adopts the automatic recognition mode and discerns the double-mode accurately, improve precision greatly.
Automatic mode: Discern directly on the basis of discerning and training the acquired optimum parameter data.
Accurate mode: Train in numerous automatic recognition and after the parameter change, still discern or omit in the automatic recognition process specifically while discerning by mistake, but automatically to discern, reject or cover omitting by mistake, screen visual field recognition rate reachable 100%, realize discerning accurately and accurate tracing.

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