Step the bright liquid basal cell and keep the liquid

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It has the following advantages that what the loose scene biological Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of family happiness of Nanning develops steps the bright liquid basal cell and deals with reagent box:
1,This reagent box has cracked erythrocyte function. Can be cracked fast to gather the erythrocyte in samples, cracked ability is strong, the totally cracked volume ratio can be 1/10 (blood / liquid group) Red cell volume, it is more complete to compare the cleavage of like product, totally remove the interference that the blood causes to the inspection result.
2,Reagent box contains the cell fixative composition, can fix and keep cells worth examining such as the epithelial cell,etc. of white corpuscle, coming off in the sample fast, prevent the effective cytogenesis autolysis. Fixed the cells saved by reagent box, the cell shape is intact, the primitive shape of cells when can keep samples gathered, will not change, guarantee to examine quantity and qualitative requirement to effective cells the shape of swelling, pyknotic etc..
3,Reagent box can mucus have dilute function, can isolate a large amount of the intersection of embedding and effective cell in the mucus. Make more cells worth examining kept, offer the sufficient cell quantity, consequential for test to give security accurately; Meanwhile, the treated sample can remove the mucus in samples completely after centrifugal filtration of low speed, prevent the interference on sample inspection result of mucus effectively.
4,Can be made into the even and single-storeyed cell flake after the sample dealt with is at odds with the community or the leadership through low speed, meet requirements for test.
5,Pull-away cells dealt with by this reagent box have compatibility to biological stain, help biological stain to colour, provide convenience in order to examine personnel's subsequent work.
6,This reagent box is simple to use, easy to operate, save to prepare the time of the sample sample greatly, overcome traditional deficiency of inspection method at the same time, to popularize TCT, it keeps liquid to be preferably product at the market at present.

Products action principle:
Through gather vagina or the intersection of cervix uteri and secretion, loss the intersection of liquid and basal cell that immersion develop deal with process in the reagent behind the cell, the cracked composition in reagent can carry on cleavage to the erythrocyte, remove the interference that the erythrocyte causes to the inspection result; Can save valuable cells of fixing the white corpuscle, lossing the epithelial cell etc. in fixed composition in reagent at the same time; And make the valid cells in the mucus of parcel fully separated out, prevent the losing of valuable cells. Prepare effective cells into cell suspension, remove interference on production of the mucus through the overanxious at odds with the community or the leadership method finally, make and loss the cell flake. Can dye with HE, Butterworth dye and other immune the intersection of histochemistry and the intersection of person who dye and method make cells coloured, and then scan and analyze that checks the vagina or cervical cell shape of palace through manual observation or through the computer, diagnose cervical cancer, previous change of cancer deeply of cervix uteri internal film cancer, microbes such as people's papilla tumour and virus and simple bleb and viral infection and trichomonad vaginitis, mould vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis,etc. are infected with.

The inspection project mainly launched:
Cervix uteri loss cell check and the intersection of chest and ascites loss cell check, urine sediment check and the intersection of phlegm and liquid loss cell check and stitch inhale cells check. Especially suitable for the diagnosis in early days of all women's cervical cancer, one is worth popularizing and examining technology applied and clinically very much.

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