Put the tube and drench with rain the testing machine

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The use of the products: Put the tube and drench with rain the testing equipment and is used mainly for examining the electrician in electronic product outer cover, seal after the water test, or can guarantee this apparatus and components and parts good working performance and technological state during test, find the products may be the influence which invade water in transporting the course or using at the same time, offer the reliable basis for products technical standard.

The type BL-04 is put and is in charge of the radius: 0.4M
The type BL-06 is put and is in charge of the radius: 0.6M
The type BL-08 is put and is in charge of the radius: 0.8M
The type BL-10 is put and is in charge of the radius: 1.0M
The type BL-12 is put and is in charge of the radius: 1.2M

First, technical parameter:
1,Wave tube, spray water hole diameter: ø 0.4mm
2,Put and is in charge of the swing angle range: 45 degrees of ¡À, 60, 135 degrees of, 150 degrees
3,Put the tube and spray water in the angle: ¡À is 60 degrees, ¡À is 180 degrees
4,Put and is in charge of the radius: R400, R600, R800, R1000, R1200
5,Put and is in charge of the speed: Stepless speed regulation
6,Drench with rain water pressure: 80- 100KPa is (adjustable)
7,Water flow: 10¡À 5% / min is (adjustable)
8,Test a size: ø 600mm
9,Test a rotational speed: 1r/min
10,Spray the water: Clean soft running water
11,The power is required: AC380 (¡À 10%) V/50HZ three-phase Line five system.

Second, device structure:
Drenching with rain the testing equipment is put and manages the support, puts and in charge of rotating the platform, electricity and controlling four parts to make up in transmission, work, support among them, go back the intersection of revolving stage and protection cover, control cabinet adopt the intersection of SUS304 and stainless steel take place line board to make;

Third, operation principle:
1,Put the tube to swing: Through walking into electrical machinery, PLC ' Import one) Drive the decelerator, presume that finishes automatically through the programmable logic controller;
2,The working bench is rotated: The electrical machinery drives the turbine to moderate and rotate, thus reach the rotational speed of the working bench;
3,Spray nozzle: According to try on size of piece, determine crooked radius to like tube. The spray nozzle is a removable specialized spray nozzle, the aperture that can follow the standard to gush out the hole and is required is changed at any time, even in order to the water droplet that penetrates, the flow is sufficient;
4,Water course: Must consider draining off water to drench with rain while putting the tube in open type, should consider in the building construction, by discharging rapidly, no the water accumulation is good. Need to allocate the storage cistern of the about equal capacity in order to supply experimental need separately;

Fourth, accord with the standard:
Consult relevant standards such as GB/T2423.38-2005, GB/T4942.2-93, GB4208, GB4706, GB7000,etc. and design making strictly;
Deliver goods to the customers free, to this rigging up and debugging, do corresponding basic operation to train to the relevant technical staff free at user's scene, there are no limitations on the number of people.

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