The intersection of VAD5211 and one No. two-way the intersection of audio frequency and optical fiber terminal - 13708094119 Chengdu odd and even photoelectricity

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Hello, we the intersection of Chengdu and odd and even photoelectric Science Technologies Co., Ltd. --The most professional optical fiber terminal manufacturer, we supply VAD5211 two-way audio frequency optical fiber terminals of No. one. VAD6401 serial digital optical fiber terminals support the video signal of the whole rule, can transmit positively video signals of No. 4 and reverse intelligence signals of No. one on an optic fibre. The video signal adopts 8bit/20MHz figure to sample, the data interface supports the electric standard of RS232/RS485/RS422/Manchester code. Baud rate 0-100Kbps. The all digital mere transmission channels, guarantee high-quality signal transmission. Exhaustive the intersection of power and the intersection of signal and pilot lamp, the intersection of optical signal and pilot lamp, the intersection of video signal and pilot lamp, the intersection of intelligence signal and pilot lamp. Detection power, operating condition of optical signal, intelligence signal, and each video passway that can be ocular.Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Mr. Zhao

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