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Product introduction: ZCK type magnetic control soft starter to adopt, accuse of magnetic the intersection of induction-regulation and way reduce pressure to adjust and control to the intersection of electric motor and voltage of start-up procedure. It is a sine wave to export the voltage waveform. Make electronic set end voltage according to certain slope, from original location being smooth to have grades of progressive new soft starter to rise to rated value, this product has already been used in fields such as the light industry, electricity, metallurgy, building materials, water conservancy, building,etc. extensively, well received by user.The characteristic of the products: The products are simple in construction and rational, highly reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain. There is no higher order wave: Performance element of the starter is a magnetic controlled device, adopt the voltage regulation of the induction-regulation, the not voltage regulation of wave. Have avoided the higher order wave to electric wire netting, electric motor and influence that the autonomous system causes. There is no secondary current to strike: Adopt the loop-locked conversion mode, the start-up procedure is steady, guarantee the safe operation of the electric equipment. The working condition has a good adaptability: The ability to resist year is strong, the working condition condition of suitable for the humidity, dust, shaking than the other products of the same type etc. is used.The details please log on

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