BFDZ701X hydraulic automatic control valve

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Hello, we supply BFDZ701X hydraulic automatic control valve. BFDZ701X hydraulic automatic control slow-stop butterfly type check damper is the automatic control flap of a kind of water conservancy. This product is the fourth generation of new product developed out on the basis of digesting and assimilating and having a chat a little and hindering slow closed check damper, hydraulically controlled butterfly valve, multi-functional water pump control. It have electronic discharge gate, electronic butterfly valve and function of check damper concurrently, and and the intersection of slow-closing and slow movement that imprison come on at the conduit through imprison quickly. Used in trades such as the electricity, managing gold, petrochemical industry, water department, municipal administration, environmental protection,etc. water drainage -supply system extensively. Have the following three major characteristics: 1, It is effectual to dispel the water hammer. Make, close rapidly slowly, slow-closing dispel technological principle of water hammer integrate, prevent turning on the production of the pump water hammer and water hammer of termination of pumping. 2,Easy to operate. Only need to operate the electrical machinery of the water pump and open and close the button, the valve realizes promptly that opens, closes automatically according to the water pump operational procedure. 3,Adopt the structure of the butterfly valve, a pair of eccentricity, energy-conservation are effectual, seal reliably. The valve body adopts the whole passway open flowly to design, the pressure loss is little, the flowrate is large, and small, light.Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Child's voice country

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