High-temperature smoke extractor exhaust fan of JGF series fire control

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JGF series fire control high-temperature exhaust fume and design specially in high-temperature smoke extractor exhaust fan. The matched high-temperature electric machine of the air blower, the electrical machinery is totally closed built-in, and there are specialized electrical machinery cooling systems, guarantee the electrical machinery uses normally Safety Ground in high-temperature condition. Through the optimization design of the goal, the high-temperature smoke extractor exhaust fan of HTF fire control which our company produces, such advantages as the sentence has high temperature resistant of good performance, the noise is low, reasonable structure with high efficiency, small, installs and convenient. Install and improve level, be vertical, hoist and will do. The smoke extractor exhaust fan series of fire control are as follows, GXF serial high-efficient low noise oblique flow wind machine HTF(B) of specialized wind machine of high-temperature exhaust fume of HTF series fire control Type mix by exhaust fume on flow mix the PYHL-14As HLF-6 is low-noise in series in exhaust fume winds specializeds high-temperature for the fire control flow for the winds, energy-efficient to mix the flow wind chassis JGF series fire control high-temperature exhaust fume wind machine HTFC (DT) Serial low-noise fire control are ventilated ( dual-purposely) The cabinet type centrifugal air blower company is perfecting the management system constantly, improve the management measure, take the lead in authorizing in the same trade through ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 environmental system is authorized. Saling hot line: 0534-2183871 13639478857

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