Temperature detect switch JUC-31

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The type JUC-31F subminiature temperature relay measures range 5-10 degrees of C / divides (¡æ)
JUC-31F subminiature temperature relay
First, product explain JUC-31F subminiature temperature relay. Structural features: Advanced torsional spring type constructional design, the high sensitive kick craft bimentallic strip is shaped. Applicable scope: Make and accuse of the gentle heat to protect in electrical apparatus, electronic product, household electrical appliance and breadboard in year.
Second, technological characteristic 1, contact form: Normally closed or normally open (D or H)
2,Load rating: 220VAC 1A
3,Insulation resistance: Greater than or equal to 100M¦¸
4,Contact resistance: Less than or equal to 100m¦¸
5,The withstand voltage of medium: 1500VAC
6,Weight: 2g
Third, specification data list Movement temperature Reply temperature ¡æ (lower than the movement temperature)Error Test method Rise / cool the speed
40-90 C 10-25 of degrees of C degrees of C ¡À 5 ¡æ5-10 degree C /divide
C C ¡À 8 ¡æ of 15-45 degrees of 100-130 degrees

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