Glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank of Xi'an

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Develop, produce, install the specialized factory of the glass steel work, the staples is as follows, the reverse-flow round, square cooling column of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the cross-flow type cooling column of the square and organic, inorganic air conduit of various types, pressure piping, set up the heart air blower, axial-flow fan, air blower of the roof, integral water tank, combined water tank, ventilator draught fan pipeline, glass fiber reinforced plastic mould, compound pipelines of different specifications, storage tank, the intersection of transportation and pot, pressure piping, environmental protection equipment, the intersection of traffic and facility, the intersection of travel and facility, the intersection of apparatus and shroud and ground antisepticize, the intersection of computer lab and the intersection of person who amortizate and multiple products, it is not the standard design and can go on according to the needs of user and are produced, the products find a good sale all over China, well received by user and deep.

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