Halogenic moisture appearance, infrared moisture appearance, fast moisture appearance

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Unique products characteristic:

1.Adopt the halogenic light as the heating source, intensify fast, heat it evenly
2.Remarkable measurement precision, can reach as high as 0.001g/0.01%
3.Clear LCD, intelligent software design, and humanized keyboard overall arrangement, make the procedure simpler, ocularrer
4.Mark and match RS232 news report interface, convenient connection printer, computer and other ancillary equipment
5.Accord with printing the data to export of GLP norm

The range of application:

Can apply to everything and need to determine the trade of the moisture fast extensively in appearance of this moisture, apply to trades such as industry, agriculture, medicine, scientific research institution,etc. extensively. Can be to the plastic, the free moisture content that samples such as rubber, tobacco, papermaking, food, tea, feed, grain, industrial chemicals, pharmacy raw materials, textile raw materials,etc. include carries on content test

Technical indicator:



Range (g)


Readability (g)


Repetitiveness ( The standard is offsetted) ( %)

3g sample: ¡À 0.05%

10g sample: ¡À 0.015%

Moisture content range

0.01% - 100%( Moisture regain mode: 0.01%


1-120 minute ( At intervals of 10 seconds)

Temperature range

50 ¡æ to 200 ¡æ( Separate by 1 ¡æ)

Intensify the procedure

Standard, fast, gentle, ladder

The terminal controls

, timing, three kinds of programme-controlled automatic modes manually

Operate the temperature range ' ¡æ)


Display screen

LCD in a poor light reveals, 128* 64 lattice

Reveal the content

%'s moisture, % solid, time, the temperature, weight, arrange
Number, dry curve

Size of the pan of steelyard (cm)

Diameter 9

External dimension( It is wide and * high and * long) ( cm)

19* 15.2* 36

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