Hinder the tester in the computer

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Hindering the tester adopts the one-chip computer to control in the NZY-200M series battery, the parameter sets up digitization, LED digital display, ocular and distinct, the accuracy is higher; Hinder not merely appearance of the appearance in series NZY-200M esthetically, light and handy, ultra difference calls the police, stop the human error; And while hindering the tester to test in this one, will be tested hindering, voltage and instrument in the battery hinder upper and lower limits, upper and lower limits of voltage to compare while setting up, the sound briefs on the test result. Enclose multi-functionally and test the jig, easy to operate; Hinder tester suitable for the intersection of nickel and hydrogen, metal the intersection of hydride and nickel battery (group) in the battery The intersection of lithium ion and battery, lead-acid battery and non-maintaining storage battery hinder inside, voltage test, can also be suitable for using in the R&D institution that all kinds of batteries test and experimental test of manufacturer.

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