A gridding type and a steel network bridge shelf of bridge of CF grid bridge

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The open structure of the cable bridge shelf of gridding type can let the most enormous ventilation of cable dispel the heat, as putting in the air, heat will not assemble in the bridge shelf, so can save energy consumption, optimize cable performance. The open structure can prevent the building up of water, dust, piece too, the bacterium is difficult to breed, cleaner, reduce and take place the fire or other risks endangered safely. Special parts such as all turn, three direct links, Stone, lintel,etc. were processed at the scene of building site directly by the straight section of bridges shelf, do not need to go to the factory to make and do definitely. Not only save the expensive customization expenses like this, can save time even more, handing in one of project ahead of time.
2006 companies introduce Germany NIEDA GMBH Company's most advanced technology, production technology, some apparatuses and the ripest management, manufacture the intersection of gridding type and the intersection of cable and the intersection of bridge and shelf, the the intersection of bridge and put into behind the Chinese market shelf, have got the welcome and definite of every large designing institute, installation company, end user. NIEDA GMBH Company is a leader of European market of cable bridge of gridding type, the gridding type cable bridge shelf of NIEDA GMBH is applied to the European market extensively.
At present, we make: Germany type gridding type cable bridge shelf, French gridding type cable bridge shelf, basket type gridding type cable bridge shelf. Certainly, we can make multi-form gridding type cable bridge shelf according to the request of customer too, line shelf and cable bridge shelf leave.

1,The network bridge shelf of the brand-new concept, it is flexible to assemble, the appearance is esthetic, novel and unique, noticeable. 2,This product is suitable for various erection states, connect up and safeguard and upgrade fast and simply, can meet most careless quality requirement that carve and install standard. 3,This product " Easy to shape " Structural sum " Assemble one quickly " Reduce bridge a set of installation and time of connecting up of cable notably. 4,Product this can reduce electromagnetic 5 influence that interfere with, utilize the intersection of grid and bridge to be shelf such open structure effective to circulate air safely effectively, and your cable of control and management. This product is applied to petroleum, chemical industry, steel, food beverage, the bank extensively, traffic, work, fields such as the computer lab,etc., have already been favored more and more by Chinese and foreign customers. The surface is dealt with: The electricity is zinc-plated, zinc-plated nickel, reach Crow, hot and zinc-plated, passivation, electrolyzing polishing. If there are needs, can contact I, the mobile phone 1 3 9 2 1 5 6 8 2 7 6 , email: visityangchun@tom.com, nickyang@hongqiang-group.cn, Company's website: Http://www.hongqiang-group.cn gridding type cable bridge shelf accords with NEMA, the company products pass ISO9001

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