The frequency converter exports the reactor

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The frequency converter inputs and exports the reactor producer, three phases exchange inputs and exports the reactor producer, qualified for the next round of competitions to enter the line reactor producer, direct current transfers the reactor producer of the speed, connect the reactor in series

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First, use serial dry core this enter and qualified for the next round of competitions reactor use for, enter, appear with frequency converter end connect in series, as entering the line reactor and reactor qualified for the next round of competitions of frequency converter. The frequency converter will produce bigger harmonic wave while working, will take 5, 7, 11, 13 times as the core, the harmonic content is very high, if does not put into the line reactor, will shorten the service life of frequency converter and other apparatuses greatly, when the harmonic wave is interfered with seriously, will cause some apparatuses and be unable to run normally, will reduce every harmonic content greatly after adding and putting into the line reactor, improve the power factor of the electric wire netting, guarantee the safe operation of frequency converter and other load, guarantee other apparatuses are free of harmonic interference; Passivate the frequency converter output voltage while installing the reactor qualified for the next round of competitions additionally ' Switch frequency) Gradient,last perturbation and impact of power component. And this reactor can inhibit the return circuit from pouring effectively at the time of shutting the floodgate in load, protecting frequency converter device and other components and parts in the return circuit avoids the electric current to assault.
Two, structural characteristic 1. This reactor is three phases, and that the core is dry. 2.The core adopts the high-quality low loss to import the cold-reduced silicon sheet, the angry crack adopts oxygen of ring to laminate the glass cloth board and make the interval, in order to guarantee the angry crack of reactor does not change in the course of running. 3.The coil adopts the paint of H grade to wrap up the flat copper wire to wind, it is close and even to arrange, appearance does not charter the insulating barrier, and there is extremely good aesthetic feeling and have better heat-dissipating performance. 4.Through baking in advance after coil and core of the reactor are assembled into an organic whole The vacuum soaks the paint Solidify this technological process very warmly, adopt the infusion paint of H grade, make coil and core of the reactor combine together firmly, not only has reduced the noise while running greatly but also have extremely high heat-resisting grades, can guarantee the reactor can also run under the high temperature having no noise safely. 5.Some fasteners of reactor core column do not have magnetisable material to adopt, reduce the phenomenon of generating heat of vortex while running. 6.Expose part, adopt prevention of corrosion deal with, draw end viscount adopt tin-plated copper to be in charge of the end son. 7.This reactor of small, such advantages as the appearance is beautiful with light weight of having volume compared with Chinese like product, can compare favourably with famous brand of foreign countries.
Three, condition 1 of the environment for use. The height above sea level does not exceed 2000 meters. 2.Ambient temperature of running - 25 ¡æ- +45 ¡æ, the relative humidity does not exceed 90%. 3.There is no harmful gas around, there are no flammable and explosive articles. 4.There should be good ventilation conditions in the surrounding environment, if put in the cupboard, should install the ventilation facilities additionally. 5.Able to bear warm the intersection of grade and H grade ' 180 ¡æ) The above.
Four, parameter 1 of performance. Can be used in 400V, 660V system. 2.Amount insulating horizontal 3kV/min. 3.The rise in temperature limit of reactor every position: The core is less than 85K, the electricity is enclosed warmly and risen and is less than 95K. 4.The reactor noise is not greater than 45dB. 5.The difference of any double-phase reactance value of the three-phase reactor is not greater than ¡À 3%.

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