The storage battery of Panasonic of Zhongshan, the shallow storage battery of soup of Zhongshan

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First. Application area

Uninterrupted power system emergency lamp electric system of the communication apparatus
Solar power system toy medical equipment of alarm system
Two. Superiority
1,It is simple to safeguard
The gas that the battery inner produces is basically absorbed and reduces into electrolyte, not basically electrolyte does not reduce while charging
2,Hold the high fluidity
The electrolyte is absorbed not to keep the flow regime, so even can also use to fall down in the special baffle. (can't use to fall down more than over 90 degrees)
3,Safety performance is superior
Can be emitted while causing too much gas because of the extreme overcharge misoperation, prevent the break-up of the battery.
4,Since ionizing electrode is small
Produce the bar with the alloy of special lead calcium, it is minimum to control self-discharge.
5,Longe-lived, economy is good
The slab lattice of the battery adopts the special lead calcium alloy that is able to bear corroding, adopt the special baffle to keep the electrolyte at the same time, and then by cramp the active material of the positive plate with strengthing at the same time, prevent lossing, so is a kind of longe-lived, economic battery.
6,Internal resistance is small
Because internal resistance is small, the high-current discharge characteristic is good.
7,There is excellent restorability after discharging deeply
In case discharge for a long time, so long as fully charge, basically avoid capacity reducing, can resume soon.

Three. Specifications of different batteries
Nominal voltage of the battery type
( V) Capacity of 20 hourly rate (Ah) Size (mm) Weight (kg)
Long wide high the total height

Serial battery characteristics
Every rate discharge characteristic of NP type

Model NP battery discharge current and discharge time ( Zoom table)

Circulate characteristic life

Floating-charge ( Pulse is filled) There is characteristic life

Make the charge characteristic of the voltage with fixed current

Discharge change of internal resistance that hit ' Examine the usual practice)

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