KIC-2000 furnace temperature tester

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We support KIC-2000 furnace temperature time specially excellent Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen of testers to be that one specialize in the deeply processed kiln of glass, it is ceramic rare earth kiln, drying equipment, experiment electric stove,etc. furnace temperature tracker of kilns industrial design with manufacture specialized factory. And KIC thermoscope succeeds in applying to the international car running quickly, BMW,etc. wheel nave heat treatment of aluminum alloy, KIC thermoscope has three kinds of series of passway on 6/9/12, all colleagues of the company, in line with the sincere and thoughtful cheap dominant price of service / swift delivery cycle, serve friends from all walks of life. KIC furnace temperature tester, the advantage enters the high-temperature trade, break Britain DATAPAQ furnace temperature tester and monopolize the situation, become persons who lead of the high-temperature trade again, is suitable for the heating of slab, heating, square base heating, steel ingot heating, steel tube heat treatment of tubular blank, wheel a stream of heat treatment, aluminum alloy wheel nave heat treatment, copper pipe heat treatment, brazes by vaccum, heat treatment of the gear, heat treatment of the mould, heat treatment of the spring, glass vacuum welding, ceramic calcination, food toasting, powder coating,etc.. The passway is 6-9-12; The sensor, the thermocouple of the Model K; Characteristic of insulating against heat is superior, can use for 2 hours under 1000 ¡æ environment, intensify the speed and is lower than 1 degree / hour within the instrument. Simplify the test procedure of temperature curve, the temperature curve tests more accurately, the temperature curve tests more lightly, improve the q&r of the products at the same time.

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